• Our interactive course will serve as an orientation to OSHA safety training standards

  • Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance is vital to the success and industry reputation

  • Ask for all different services we provide and surely the solution is in our hands.

Osha Construction Industry Courses

Services and Courses

Construction Industry

The Safety and Health of Construction Workforce is our priority. Frickmann Services offers well designed trainings in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Learn about OSHA regulations and your right of a safe and healthy workplace.

Trucking Industry (DOT)

Let us shoulder the responsibility for you. When you hire Frickmann Services to take care of your DOT application, you can rest assured knowing that your company will be ready to go in no time at all. Contact us today to find out what your trucking company needs.

General Services

Dealing with very common errands it could be complicated and time consuming. Frickmann Services has exactly what you need to deal with all of them together. Do not hesitate to ask for any kind of process, because we might have the service you were looking for.

Training Center ID#2278093 - National Safety Council

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